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Coconut Rice, Black Beans, Plantains, and Mango Salsa — 4 stars

If someone were to tell me they were having me over for a gluten-free, nut-free, meat-free, soy-free meal, I’d politely decline. Which is exactly why I did not tell my dinner guests this when I invited them over. There are a lot of components to this dish, but they come together quite nicely. This is the entree that preceded the Flourless Chocolate Cake for my gluten free dinner party. Continue reading

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Flourless Chocolate Cake — 5 Stars

I’m meeting more and more people who eat a gluten-free diet.  I, personally, could never permanently give up breads and pastas, but in order to bond with my GF friends, I temporarily abstain from wheat. For a recent dinner party … Continue reading

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